Safari through Vinales Valley

Safari in Vinales with Horses – 3 Days plus Beach.

The organization of this new image of travel and expectations have arisen from long talks between me and my work colleagues. To take the experience of horse riding to a limit slightly beyond normal. This new opportunity is for people with at least a basic understanding of how to ride and what the use of riding is all about.

Hours of the day:

DAY 1.

7:30 – We will start at the Airport in Havana or your home and explore the incredible Viñales Valley.

The first attraction in Viñales is the point of view of the famous Hotel Los Jazmines.

10:30 – Welcome drink at Vinales at home – Casa Particular Juana y Michel (5 stars ***** on Air BNB)

11:00 – We start with Vinales Tour – Cueva del Indio, Botanical Garden, Mural of Prehistory – in American Car.

14:00 It is time for a horseback excursion (or trekking, 3-4 hours) and you will visit the tobacco and coffee plantations. You will see how Cubans make cigars and you can also try smoking! ???? What else will you see a coffee plantation.

16:00 The second part of our trip on horseback (or trekking) is the visit to the lake where you can swim if you wish!

17:30 After 3-4 hours we have a delicious ecological dinner with an excellent view of the entire Viñales Valley.

21:30 Around 8:00 p.m. M. It’s a great time for a party in Viñales!


7:30 am – The next day we extend the walk beyond the Valles de Vinales to discover the wildest fields and valleys where it is only possible to access from a horse or on foot because the conditions of the place are not permissible in other ways. On this day after several hours. Upon reaching a traditional conformation of an old house but with a cozy atmosphere, we will have a delicious Creole lunch.

After lunch we will take a nap and then pick up the horses to take us to Albino where you can bathe your horse and feed it, after the work we will take new and rested horses for the journey back to Vinales.


Finally and to rest from the adventure and take a little sun we will combine your trip with a day at the beach in Cayo Jutias.


  •     Jazmines Lookout                               
  •     Indian Cave
  •     Botanical Garden
  •     Mural of Prehistory
  •     Horse excursion – 2 occasions
  •     Tobacco and Coffee Plantation.
  •     Beach Day in Cayo Jutias.

What is included.

  •     Transportation from Airport & Havana to Viñales
  •     City Tour Vinales. Made by the same car of your transfer.
  •     Lunch on the first and second day.
  •     Private home stay for 3 nights. With breakfasts
  •     A private dinner at home.
  •     Tourist Guide Service for the city tour Vinales.
  •     Horseback excursion with Professional Guide Service for
    horse riding.
  •     A Cigar in the tobacco plantations.
  •     Day at Cayo Jutias.
  •     Organization of transfer back to Havana.
  •     Helmets to ride but if you have your own better.


  • For 1 person 580 €
  • For 2 people  705 €
  • For 3 people  820 €
  • For 4 people  935 €

Attention if in a group of 3 people 2 Rooms are required, their price offer is different.

Payment is in cash. Or by online transfers I always know that the payment is 68 h before the start of the excursion.

If you need taxi service for some type of transfer we will help you too. Find it here!