Two Days in Vinales

Taxi, Horseback-riding, Vinales Tour, Accommodation for 2 nights, Beach, Food!

Day schedule

DAY 1.

7:30 – We’re starting in Havana at your place and we are going to explore the amazing Viñales Valle.

The first attraction in Viñales is a viewpoint from the famous Hotel Los Jasmines.

10:30 – Welcome drink in Vinales at your home – Casa Particular Juana y Michel (5 stars ***** on Air BNB)

11:00 – 1It’s time for a horseback riding excursion (or trekking 3-4 hours) and you will visit tobacco and coffee plantations. You will see how Cubans make cigars and you can try to smoke also! 🙂 What’s more, you will see coffee plantations too.

14:00 The second part of our horse-riding trip (or trekking) it’s a lake – you can swim if you want!

16:30 After 3-4 hours we have a delicious, ecological dinner with a great view of all Viñales Valley.

18:30 Around 8:00 pm it’s great time for a party in Vinales!

DAY 2.

9:00 – We start the Vinales Tour – Cueva del Indio, Botanic Garden, Mural de Prehistoria – by car according to availability of the day. It’s time for the beach! You are going to Cayo Jutias – the most beautiful beach in the western part of Cuba. Transport it with other people by coche collection.

16:00 You are going to Vinales for the second night at Casa Juana y Michel.

19:00 Delicious homemade dinner at Casa by Juana.


We will organize transport wherever you want (it’s not included).


  • 1 person: 310
  • 2 people: 370 € 
  • 3 people: 470 € This price offer is two independent rooms.
  • 4 people: 510 €  This price offer is two independent rooms.

Payment is in cash. Or by online transfers, I always know that the payment is 68 hours before the start of the excursion!

What is included:

– Private taxi by American Car from Havana to Vinales

– Vinales tour by the same car

– Horseback riding excursion with a guide (tobacco and coffee plantations, lake) and delicious big dinner

– 2 nights in Vinales at Casa Particular with breakfast

– Cayo Jutias by coche colectivo

– Homemade food at Casa Particular by Juana

– We will organize transport for you to come back to Havana (or Trinidad or where you want to go) but it’s not included in the price