Cuba with kids. Yes or No?

Many parents are wondering whether to go to Cuba with a child. And rightly so, because for such a trip you need to be prepared much better than before your holiday trip in Europe. Kuba with a childKubańczycy love children and probably nowhere in the world do not see kids so happy, carefree, just happy. […]

How to choose the best hotel in Cuba?

Cuba has an area of ​​110,860 km². The coast of Cuba is 3,736 km long. Kuba is also oblong with its crocodile shape, and at the longest point the “crocodile” is 1250 km long and 200 km wide. It’s really a big island and if you’re going here to relax with a little sightseeing, it’s […]

Transport in Cuba. How to travel

If you are planning a holiday in Cuba, then the most important choice is for you – how to travel around the island. Traveling alone in Cuba is not easy, so good preparation is really the most important thing. We present the options of various types of transport in Cuba and indicate the pros and […]

12 top attractions in Vinales

Vinales is a fairytale valley, and in addition – like in a fairy tale – located behind mountains and behind forests. It is in this region of Cuba is growing the best tobacco in the world and wraps the famous cigars. See what attractions hide this region of Cuba! 1) Vinales Valley The number one […]

Is Cuba safe or dangerous?

Cuba as a third world country raises many questions and anxiety. However, is there anything to be afraid of? Take a look at what to watch out for, and what not to worry about while on vacation in Cuba. Cuba is very safe. According to the last report of the World Health Organization, Cuba is […]

Top 50 attractions in Havana

Havana is the heart of Cuba. It is vibrant, vibrant with energy and colors. We will find here the world heritage of architecture, listen to the truest Latin music and see how the inhabitants of Cuba live. Let’s see the best Havana attractions! 1. La Habana Vieja – Old Havana The most beautiful part of […]

Weather in Cuba. when to go

The season in Cuba lasts a whole year and we can always count on high temperatures. The Caribbean climate, however, has its specificity, which is worth considering when planning a holiday in Cuba. What is the weather in Cuba? Let’s see! There are two seasons in Cuba: dry season – from October to May / […]

Recycling in Cuba. 10 things that Cubans never throw away

Cuba is an oasis of an ecological lifestyle. Not because it came to the Caribbean fashion of being eco. In Cuba, everything is missing and there are really few things that will go away without thinking “what can you do about it?”. We are used to throwing away unnecessary things. We produce tons of harmful […]

8 the best movies about Cuba

Hawańska szkoła filmowa znana jest na całym świecie, ale Kuba jako plan filmowy jeszcze bardziej. Oto filmy, w których gorąca wyspa gra często główną, a przynajmniej drugoplanową rolę. Dirty Dancing 2: Havana Nights I’ve read so many bad reviews about this movie, and yet I love it. My love for Cuba started just from Dirty […]

12 the best things to do in Cuba

There are moments that are not forgotten until the end of life. From Cuba you can bring exceptionally many such beautiful memories. See what you can not miss when you visit Cuba for the first time. 1. Piña colada Frappe Piña colada piña colada uneven! Especially in Cuba! However, when we hit this unique good, […]