The Cuban Fabric of Art (HAVANA)

The most emblematic place of Cuba, a club connected to an art gallery and everything happens in an old building made of bricks. We can find an industrial climate and a Latin temperament – an appealing mix. The Cuban Fabric of Art attracts everyone, Cubans and tourists. Exhibitions, art projects and major events are organized here. 

Address: Street 25 y Street 11 Vedado. Ticket 2 USD. 

Casa de la Música (House of Music) – Miramar [HAVANA] 

They offer regular concerts of bands like NG La Banda, Los Van Van and Adalberto Alvarez y Su Son; they attract crowds, not just Cubans. The first concert was played here in 1994 by the famous jazz pianist Chucho Valdés. Today, it is one of the most popular places in Havana to play and listen to good music. 

Address: Street 20, No. 3308, corner Av. 35 Miramar. Tickets from 5-20 CUC (depends on the program). The show starts at 22:00. 

La Zorra y El Cuervo (The Vixen and the Raven) Jazz Club [Havana] 

The literal name of this Havana jazz club is ” Lisica I Kruk “. If you like jazz, this is one of those places in the world (!) That is worth visiting. Almost every day before entering, a crowd of people queue to hear jazz in a Cuban version. 

Address: Street 23 and street O. Tickets 5-15 CUC. It starts at 22:00. 

Gardens of 1830 [Havana] 

The diversion is an open roof here and next to the ocean. This Club along the waterfront is very popular. Here we can feel the atmosphere of the Cuban party, listen to live music, dance with locals who as soon as they hear the music, immediately go out to dance. The loudest events take place on Fridays.

Address: Waterfront No. 1252, corner 20, Vedado. Start: 22:00. 

Polo Montanes [VINALES] 

It is the soul of the nightlife of Vinales. The name of the club is in honour of one of the greatest Cuban artists, Polo Montanez. Every day we can listen to live music here, watch the local bands performing and dancing from Vinales and Pinar del Río and playing with the locals. This is a fantastic place to touch, to feel and to see how Cubans love music and dance. 

Address: corner of Salvador Cisneros and Joaquín Pérez streets (next to the church, in the main square). Start: 21:30. Entry: 1 USD. 

 El Palenque [VINALES] 

You can get to El Palenque de los Cimarrones by taxi from the center of Vinales. This is a disco inside a cave. The set of lights on the rocks creates an incredible atmosphere. The decorated bar on the cave wall reminds us of the times when only Indians lived in Cuba. The events are held every Saturday and they are very popular among Cubans who come from all areas elegantly dressed. 

Start: Every Saturday around 22:00. Ticket: 2-5 CUC. 

Casa de la Música and Casa de la Trova Trinidad [TRINIDAD]

These are the most famous places for nightlife in Trinidad. The Casa de la Musica (House of Music) is located at the most important point of the city, on the stairs, or rather just above. Every night crowds of people take the stairs to listen to live music and to see dance performances. Casa de la Trova (House of Trova) is very near, passing the Main Square or (Plaza Mayor) and then the stairs, to the left and we continue straight. In the next small square, to the right, there is a club. Here we will listen to good live music and meet well-known Cuban artists.

Start: Every day at 9:00 p.m. Tickets: 1-2 CUC 

 Disco Ayala – Las Cuevas Trinidad [TRINIDAD] 

This is another place in a cave, literally. If we stay in Trinidad for longer and get bored of concerts on the stairs, it is worth going to a disco located on the rocks. Locals love to go here. 

Address: Top of the Hill, Trinidad 62600. Ticket: about 5 USD


Santa Clara 

There is no city more liberated in Cuba than Santa Clara. This is where the Cuban revolution began and now it is one of the most liberal places in Cuba. Santa Clara is a university town, as well as a group of music schools. Music is listening to at every step. There is a lot to choose from among the city offers. On the walls, we will see rebellious murals that represent satire and the shows of dragging that are part of everyday life. Also, the PFLAG movement is as good here as anywhere in Cuba.

The biggest rock festival in Cuba – Ciudad Metal is also organized in Santa Clara. The most atmospheric concerts usually take place at the corner bar, the main square (Vidal Park), next to the theatre building. The bar is called La Marquesina and attracts a kaleidoscope of customers. But there are many typical discos here; it is worth taking a look, for example, to Santa Rosalía or El Bar Club Boulevard. Before we dive into the night of madness, it is worth going for a coffee at Casa Revolution that reminds us of the victory of the Revolution. Anyone who values ​​a rebellious character, a modern approach and likes to party, should definitely go to Santa Clara. Even when one night is enough! 

Santiago de Cuba 

Santiago has always competed with Havana to determine which of both cities is more important. Certainly, however, this business card from the eastern part of Cuba is the cultural capital of the island. It is in Santiago de Cuba where every year in July the largest carnival (Carnival) in the Caribbean takes place. But that is not the end. In Santiago, guests are invited to the Fire Festival (Fiesta del Fuego), Son music festival, Bolero festival, etc.