There are moments that are not forgotten until the end of life. From Cuba, you can bring exceptionally many such beautiful memories. See what you can not miss when you visit Cuba for the first time.


1.Piña colada Frappe

Piña colada piña colada uneven! Especially in Cuba! However, when we hit this unique good, its taste can be really addictive. The best piña colada in Cuba will drink:

  •  in the tapas bar “3 jotas” in Vinales,
  • on the Ancon beach (Playa Ancon) next to the Trinidad
  • on the beach Cayo Jutias (go there from VInales)

It is difficult to find a good piña colada in Cuban hotels and in Trinidad. Especially those at the famous stairs are poor. Remember,  always order a piña colada frappe – this is the best one!

2. Dinner at a Cuban home (casa particular)

It’s not like we sit together for dinner with Cubans. It is a specially prepared dinner as in a restaurant, according to the homemade recipes of our host. Tables bend from eating, you can eat up to the heart and learn about homemade Cuban cuisine. Especially good meals are known for Casas Particulares in Vinales, while it is more difficult to have homemade meals in Havana. Vinales is famous for the best pork in all of the world!

3. A whole day spent on a Caribbean beach

The colours of the beaches in the north of Cuba look like computer-processed photos. Such a cute lazing in such a beautiful natural setting is a Caribbean duty! No internet, no hurry. The essence of the island lifestyle.

4. Tour by old American car

One of the greatest attractions of Cuba is of course old American cars. The oldest ones serve as intercity taxis, and the most beautiful ones for tourist journeys, among others after Havana. This pleasure can not be denied in Cuba.

5. Long tramps in the Havana Center (La Habana Centro)

The real-life of Habaneros takes place in Havana Center. Not to be confused with Old Havana – La Habana Vieja – which is beautiful though it is still very touristy. In the centre of the city life is vibrant, which is best seen during long wanderings between the streets. It is worth getting lost, to get involved in a domino match, and if they ask you to dance … dance and go for it!

6. Previewing Cubans in the evening at the Malecon in Havana

In the evenings, the social life of Havana moves over to Malecon, the famous promenade by the ocean. From the Prado, you can walk to the residential area of ​​Vedado, where club life is going on.

7. Fiesta with live music and dancing

Cuba is of course dance and music. The most famous fiestas can be found in Polo Montanez in Vinales, on the Trinidad stairs, in Santa Clara and Santiago de Cuba.

8. Cuban Mojito

The Cuban mojito surprises tourists from Europe. It is more modest, but also much stronger. And finally, a mojito is a traditional drink from Cuba, so you must try its original version. The famous one is in the Bodeguita del Medio in Havana. The best in all of Cuba 🙂

9. Visiting state stores with food for cards

For many people, it will be a memory of old Poland. For the younger, a real journey in time. Shops are easily found in the streets of Trinidad or in the centre of Havana. Note: do not take photos!

10. Previewing long queues after everything (especially if something new appears in the shop)

If we go to look out for state-owned stores, it is worth seeing how tedious it is to look after your queue and set up more people in it. The keyword “ultimo” (last Spanish) so that everyone knows their place in a row.

11. Long conversations with Cubans at home

If we know Spanish, it will be much easier for us, although I know people who spent long nights on long conversations with Cuban families without any knowledge of Spanish. Let our guests with the casa particular be open, let us show pictures of our family, the city – they are always very curious and open their small window to the world.

12. Sitting in a rocking chair and … do nothing!

Mecedora, or rocking chair, is part of the landscape of Cuba. Long conversations until late at night, open houses and unannounced visits. That’s how Cubans live. No rush and unnecessary short circuit. You can do anything … tomorrow. This is not part of life in Havana, but in Trinidad or Vinales in every home, we find such armchairs.

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