We have noticed that Varadero doesn’t have a good reputation among the Poles for a long time. We are referring to people who have never been to Cuba. It’s a nice resort, white paradise, the Cayo Island is the best .. is it all true?

If we are visiting Cuba only to relax at a hotel, it is great. However, we must remember that from the hotel’s perspective we won’t be able to explore this country. All the resorts in Cuba are nice but the daily Cuban life is the reason why we go there.

What happens if we really want to fly there and stay in a hotel’s resort and also go on a trip? Where should we go then? What should we choose? We can suggest Varadero and present its advantages in comparison to other places like Cayo Santa Maria and Cayo Coco.

Varadero is a tourist centre

All the hotels in the world in tourist places are designed for tourists. You shouldn’t expect anything different. so Varadero shouldn’t be criticised because of that. Some Cuban people live there as well but the hotels are for tourists. They weren’t built for the inhabitants.

Varadero has got many beautiful places

Varadero has got one of the best beaches in Cuba. It is treated as something unique in Cuba ( for example there is a monitoring system on the streets, the pavements look the same and the street lamps are lit). It is all because of safety and order reasons. It’s like a dream for many Cuban people. Can we now say that it is like a reserve?

Varadero is a village. It’s not a hotel zone

On the beautiful Cayo Coco Island, there are only hotels and nice beaches. It’s a touristic zone designed especially for tourism and relaxation. Varadero is a small city or a village and you can notice Cuban people living there. It is the most important difference when staying there for two weeks.

It’s a Cuban resort

It doesn’t matter which hotel we are staying in and where it is, but if we stay there for two weeks we won’t be able to discover Cuba. We can sunbathe in any resort available or we can decide to explore the country. We think that it is incompatible.

Varadero is well-located when it comes to one-day excursions

Varadero is very well located. It is close to the capital and you can also take a trip to Trinidad and even you can go to Vinales for visiting. It takes about 5 – 6 hours to get to Havana from Cayo Santa Maria. If we are into trips that much, it would be much easier to do it from Varadero than from Cayo. Our experience shows that people who fly to Cayo don’t leave it during all their stay. Maybe only a trip to Havana could be made. The prices and distances are incredible.

There are no Cuban people in Cayo

Varadero is a place with many pubs and parties which can be attended during the night. There is even an imitation of a village in Cayo Santa Maria. Cayo is great for a short break, to sunbathe and enjoy the beach but on the other hand, two weeks at this place seems to be courageous. The hotels in
Varadero is expensive but they have a great location. You could choose a better and newer hotel at a similar price in Cayo. However, let’s leave the topic of disadvantages of the location. The prices when it comes to transportation are about 240 USD and from Varadero about 100 USD

The distances in Cuba are crucial
Finally, the distance topic which is as important as the rest. Cuba is a big Island. Before buying last minute holidays at a hotel it is worth checking the transportation options and distances between the places we want to visit. And remember that the prices are high! Cuba definitely has its great beaches but its soul is hidden where the people are.

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