A great tragedy happened. Nobody has doubts about it. A hurricane of mighty power passed through Cuba, destroying many cities and towns in the east of the Island. Cubans treat it in a unique, but well-known way: music, rum, smiles and fun. 

For several days it rained in Vinales. Then a strong wind began to blow, the city was without electricity. But I know Cubans with blackouts, so I boldly asked Michel: Do you think there will be a party today in Vinales? (Live music events take place there 365 days of the year.) – Of course! And even more, because there is no electricity. Then, music is heard everywhere, “for motivation,” he said without hesitation. Well … Cuba is a state of mind, I thought to myself. But only when I saw photos of Havana, which was much more vulnerable than Vinales, I saw that for Cubans there is no force that can take the joy out of their life. Their approach “today you have, tomorrow you might have anything” in those moments works very well. They are not attached to anything, because they know that a hurricane can take everything away from them, otherwise, a hurricane-like the government, and if not, the government is another force. And in the coffin, there are no pockets to carry anything with you. 

Today, in many places of Cuba there is a shortage of water. Certainly, it is much more difficult than usual, even more, to obtain mineral water. What is available for the “imprisoned” tourists in Cuba to drink? Of course, a mojito! 

Even before the arrival of the Irma hurricane to the streets of Havana, there was music everywhere (in Cuba, music is played everywhere and there is no “annoying neighbourhood”), so it also accompanied the wooden windows. And when Irma had already passed and the river flowed through the streets? From the river, you could swim. In the end, why not play dominoes and dance like in the pool? And of course, drink rum: it is always a good time and it never lacks.

Today, the tourist traffic is coming back to life; our guests from America, at the same time, sent emails about their arrivals and confirm a horseback trip in Vinales for next week. In Havana, there is a great clean-up, and in the east, the estimation of losses, then the allocation of construction materials and the reconstruction of houses. However, what no hurricane will take away from Cuba is the nation: strong with its weaknesses, happy and proud; because Cuba is a state of mood