Music in Cuba and more!

Music is an inseparable part of Cuba. It is playing in all the places and very loud. Actually, volume controls are completely unnecessary here: music always is playing to the max! But Cuba is also usually a photographic plan for music videos from around the world. Today, we will take you on a musical journey that will make you fall in love with Cuba even more!

Leoni Torres ft. Pablo Milanés – “For the day you will come back”

Not without reason in the first place. First of all, I love this song. It has a beautiful melody, lyrics and the voice of Pablo Milanés. In the second place, this music video was recorded in the province of Pinar del Río, and mainly in my dear Vinales. In the clip, we admire the Valley of Vinales that includes tobacco and corn plantations and beautiful mountains called mogotes (Flattop Mountains). The scenes between a pair of lovers are also recorded in huts, or houses built with guano or dry palm leaf. 

Particularly notable is Pablo Milanés, the star of the Cuban music scene, one of the founders of the New Trove in the 1960s in Cuba.

Orishas – Cuba Beautiful Island

Cuba – a beautiful island. And this clip captures it perfectly. There are no unnecessary words, just

Listen and watch it.

Orishas “Represent Cuba”

Music used in the movie Dirty Dancing 2. This is not a high-flying video, but rather allows you to immerse yourself in the carefree life of Cuba, which makes the music enjoyable, and the song reaches the ear, although in Cuba it does not enjoy great popularity.

La Habana De Primera – They call me Cuba

It shows dozens of frozen frames that are the essence of the life of Havana. An expert eye will see here representatives of all social classes, professions, religions, races. Find the architectural styles, unhurried, the ecology, the joy of life, the difficulties of everyday life …Everything is here. Ladies and gentlemen, here is Cuba closed in 5 and half minutes.

Gente de Zona – La Gozadera ft. Marc Anthony

The popularity records for this clip on YouTube speak for themselves. Photographs by the hands of the Cuban director Alejandro Pérez; it was recorded in Puerto Rico and Cuba. Here we have an explosive mix of everything that turns the Latino audience on. A, just look…

Jess Glynne – Doesn’t have much to go

The Video clip of the British artist was directed by the award-winning Declan Whitebloom. The clip is vibrant with dancing energy. We have a resident style here, from dancing; soul, the house even R&B. Everything is happening in Havana, mainly in the centre (Centro Habana). Most of the scenes (those with a drummer) happen in the most famous private restaurant of Havana, La Guardia (The lair), where scenes of Fresa y Chocolate (Strawberry and Chocolate) were also filmed, (a Cuban film nominated for an Oscar). Outside the curiosities of culture pop, Madonna hosted her 58th birthday at La Guardia.

Clean Bandit – Extraordinary ft. Sharna Bass

This is probably the most spectacular clip on the list and certainly, with beautiful images. We started in the Valley of the Vinales, inscribed on the list of UNESCO, where the pianist is surrounded by plantations and mountains and violinist Grace Chatto sits with a cello on a branch … by the lake. And of course the playing, how! 

Then we moved to Havana and to a Caribbean beach, apparently Cayo Largo, and then we have a mix of everything that adds music and energy, and even a bigger kick.

Enrique Iglesias – SUBEME LA RADIO (Turn me up the Radio) ft. Descemer Bueno, Zion & Lennox

Enrique loves Cuba and Cuba loves him. This is not the only music video of a Latin artist recorded in Cuba, but it is right after this piece, recorded with the Cuban Descemer Bueno that everyone is crazy about it on the Island.

Jacob Forever – “Until the Waterfront Dries Up”

The Waterfront is a promenade of 8 kilometres, the most famous of Cuba, located in Havana. Jacob Forever is a Cuban artist, but this song has achieved great success in the United States (especially in Miami) as well as in Spain. Cubans love it too, and there is no… 

Pitbull & J Balvin – Hey Ma ft. Camila Cabello

Hey, it has the effect of the cooperation between Cuban rapper Pitbull, the Colombian vocalist J Balvin and the American singer of Cuban origin (born in Havana) Camila Cabello. The music video not only includes Vin Diesel but also scenes from the movie The Fast and Furious 8 that were filmed in Cuba.

Leoni Torres Ft. Kelvis Ochoa and Alexander Abreu – Es tu Mirada (It’s your look).

How much of Havana there is in this clip? It may seem little, but, but … The video clip of It’s your look is a tribute to Sloppy Joe Bar, which was closed for 48 years! This is one of the most famous of Cuba. They were here, among others: Frank Sinatra, Spencer Tracy and John Wayne. In 1965 the bar burned and until 2013 it was closed. The bar is at the intersection of the streets Zulueta and Ánimas in Havana.

David Carreira – Señorita ft. Mickael Carreira

David and Mickael Carreira are brothers, born in France, raised in Portugal. What corresponds to a movie shot in Havana, here we find many old American cars, but not only that. The perspective of Havana from the roofs of the buildings is interesting, where the bay is also beautiful. There is also graffiti with Che Guevara, rickshaws (bike taxis) and bars on the road.

Rey Ruiz – Beautiful Love

Rey Ruiz is the king of Cuban salsa. He became famous all over the world only when he was forced to move to Miami and he began his career in the United States. The music video recorded in Havana is kept in a typical Latin style, warm and romantic at the same time.

Gente de Zona – Mas Macarena ft. Los Del Rio 

We all know Macarena. But in the edition of Gente de Zona, there is a second life, a very successful remake that surely evokes many summer memories.

The One I Loved – artists Caridad Cuervo