Cuba as a third world country raises many questions and anxiety. However, is there anything to be afraid of? Take a look at what to watch out for, and what not to worry about while on vacation in Cuba.

Cuba is very safe. According to the last report of the World Health Organization, Cuba is one of the safest destinations in America. Sometimes we can be quite tired of frequent police checks. It is safe to say that Cuba is even a police state (the government has often been devoted to the army) and Cubans are still a very frightened nation. For the biggest crime, this is political, so do not be surprised that nobody wants to talk about politics, but rather everyone says that “walls have ears”. In Cuba, there is also a disproportionate number of prisons in relation to the number of inhabitants, which effectively affects the imagination of Cubans.

What to watch out for in Cuba?

As everywhere in the world, there are also thefts in Cuba and you can meet many grapes. You should not leave your things unattended, or rather, we should look after expensive equipment (cameras, cameras, telephones, etc.) – on the beach, in the restaurant or on the bus.

In the evenings it is safe and peaceful in all places we can walk late without any worries. This also applies to women, including those travelling alone.
Matchstick players in Cuba

Crediting is a common way of earning in Cuba. If you do not want to overpay you should always talk directly with the taxi driver or the owner of the casa in particular.

5 good rules to stay safe in Cuba

 Use safe at home (casa particular) or in hotels

Never leave unsecured money. Close the suitcase or bag and use the safe. Unfortunately, such thefts in Cuba happen quite often

 Avoid slums

It’s about Havana Center. During the night this district could be dangerous. A better way to walk is Malecon.

 Don’t walk alone at night

Although Cuba is generally safe but dark and unlit streets can create an unpleasant situation. Be careful and don’t make the occasion.

 Don’t carry too much money

There are plenty of small robbers in Cuba. Keep your money in your accommodation and do not carry a lot of cash.

 Be careful with mans

Cubans are very open to an acquaintance. Unfortunately, among them are also jineteros what means matchsticks. They have many girls outside of Cuba and they care only for presents. They like also money and some gifts. All such requests should light a red lamp.

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