The season in Cuba lasts a whole year and we can always count on high temperatures. The Caribbean climate, however, has its specificity, which is worth considering when planning a holiday in Cuba. What is the weather in Cuba? Let’s see!

There are two seasons in Cuba:

  • dry season – from October to May / June
  • rainy season – from May / June to October

Temperature in Cuba

In the dry season in Cuba, the temperature in the daytime exceeds 25-28 degrees, and in the evening it sometimes falls to 15. During the Polish winter, it is worth having something warmer in Cuba for cooler evenings, although it may happen that we will not experience any of them.

In the rainy season, the temperature in Cuba rarely falls below 30 degrees, and in the eastern part – the hottest part of Cuba – there is nothing to count on.

Rainfall in Cuba

During the rainy season, the first weeks are the worst. Then the rain can fall continuously for up to two weeks. Then the weather calms down and the rains appear, but they are short and intense, and then again the beautiful, sunny weather. In winter, i.e. during the dry season, rainfall is very rare, but you also have to be prepared for it.

The landscape of Cuba and the season

Although the largest tourist peak falls in the winter, Kuba is the most beautiful and greenest during the rainy season. The best months in terms of photography are therefore September-November when you can still enjoy lush vegetation.

The temperature of water in Cuba

Cubans enjoy swimming in the ocean only in summer when the water temperature is really very high. Many people will certainly feel like in a jacuzzi, which can be troublesome at such high temperatures because the bath is not necessarily refreshing

In winter, the temperature of the ocean is not so high, but very pleasant for Europeans, and hot in comparison with the Baltic Sea. Nevertheless, for the trip with children (also for bathing) the most recommended time is winter.

In terms of temperature, the relevant months are April-May, but also November-January. In summer, high temperatures with high humidity will not be suitable for everyone. However, the season lasts for a whole year in Cuba and there is no bad time to visit this Caribbean pearl.

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